Our Story

SLCstaff2Loren East and his wife Debi founded Salt Lake Cable & Harness in 1985, and ran it together for over twenty years. Loren and Debi’s commitment to customers and employees fueled the growth from start-up to multi-million-dollar corporation. 

Startup Years

When deciding to start Salt Lake Cable & Harness, Loren and Debi East saw an opportunity to work together, have fun, and make money.  What they learned along the way is that the sum of their skill sets was greater than their own, and that they were providing a service valued by an increasing number of customers.  The mid-80s were the early days of outsourced manufacturing.  Convincing a customer that Salt Lake Cable could build cost-effective cables that were as good – or better – than what they were building themselves consumed much of their energy.  Loren and Debi dedicated themselves to making their business a success.

A Growing Company

As time went on Loren and Debi proved themselves and the model to more and more customers.  They added manufacturing jobs, automated machinery and test equipment to meet growing demand, and brought on key employees to help manage the expanding business.  Salt Lake Cable & Harness was incorporated in 1989, and located in Salt Lake City.  The current North Salt Lake building was acquired in 1996 to accommodate expanding production.  

Delivering quality products has always been at the forefront of our objectives, and our Quality Management System was certified on November 26, 2014 to ISO9001:2008 with AS9100C.

Today at Salt Lake Cable & Harness

These days, a complete management team is in place to support our business, and our facility is well-provisioned with machines and tooling.  A testament to the company’s employee commitment, several of our production and management employees have been working here for over 20 years. Debi now focuses on another family business (if she pauses for a moment, you may find her at the Rockin E Country Store), while Loren maintains the helm at Salt Lake Cable.