When compared to building in-house, a contract manufacturer provides focused technical expertise, flexibility, and production scalability.  Customers realize reduced labor and overhead costs without the need to hire and train employees to manufacture items outside their core competency, or manage an extended bill of materials.


No matter where you are in your product life cycle, chances are we have a solution.  We are happy to build prototype and low volume quantities for our customers.  While standard lead time is 4 weeks, with off the shelf components we have turned assemblies in as little as a day.  Work with your salesperson to see how we can meet your schedule needs. 

Production Volume Manufacturing

When you bring a project to Salt Lake Cable, we strive to offer the optimum combination of service, cost structure, and quality throughout the product life cycle.  We are a good fit for low to medium volume, and low to high complexity products.  As volumes increase, so do labor efficiency and material costs, and we are happy to review pricing with you at any time. 

We know that pricing is an aspect of every project you undertake.  We have even seen the occasional client leave us to build offshore.  But, when the second, third or fourth shipment didn’t look like the first, or worse yet, customers received defective parts, they come back to us for the consistently high quality and service we provide.

Offshore Sourcing and Volume Cost Reduction

While we will work with you to meet your objectives there are times when offshore manufacturing makes sense, and Salt Lake Cable has a long term relationship with an offshore manufacturing partner who may provide additional cost savings.  We manage the communication, sourcing and quality control functions for you, ensuring consistent service and product quality – the areas where customers tell us they face the most challenges when buying offshore.  If your strategy includes cross-border sourcing for cost or risk mitigation, this may be a good option for you.

Customized Delivery Options

Whether a daily Kanban delivery or scheduled shipments, our supply chain options are as diverse as our customer base. Your order is our signal to buy and start the build process for your product.  Quantities and lead times are included with every quotation.  And while most customers choose to have us source materials used in building their assemblies, we have also engaged using consigned inventory programs.  We have the flexibility and experience to implement a variety of programs to meet your needs.

Manufacturability Review and Support

Before being released to production, each job receives a complete manufacturability review by our Engineering team.  The bill of materials and work flow are reviewed and documented in our system.  If issues are identified, or questions arise during the manufacturing process, we work together to resolve them.  Have questions during the design phase?  Our engineers have years of manufacturing and design experience, and are available to discuss your design.