Salt Lake & Cable Harness Inc. is a leading manufacturer of customer make-to-print custom cables, wire harnesses, and electrical assemblies. Our engineering and production capabilities allow us to meet our customer’s cable and harness needs. We work with a wide selection of wire, cable, tubing, and connectors to ensure we meet the needs of various industries.

We offer several capabilities, including:

  • Cable Assemblies
  • Wire Assemblies
  • Electrical Assemblies
  • Potting
  • Injection Molding


We use the latest equipment and technologies, such as automated inserting systems, cutting machines, stripping, and crimping presses, to ensure that the reliability in our processes are producing the highest quality products.

Our quality control process is rigorous, and we offer a 100% guarantee on all our products. We handle production volumes ranging from small complex runs to high simple volumes.We also perform engineering development builds before your product moves to production.

Cable Assemblies

We manufacture customized cable assemblies that meet our customers’ exact specifications. Our highly trained assemblers are experienced in all aspects of cable and wire harness assembly, from reviewing the customer wiring diagrams to building the assemblies. We also provide testing and quality assurance services to ensure that the products are up to our customer’s standards.

Our cable assemblies range from simple jumpers and power cables, to high-speed data cables and complex harnesses. They are used in various applications, including industrial electronic equipment, computer systems, telecommunications, automotive, aerospace, and medical devices.

Wire Assemblies

Our wire harness assemblies provide our customers with a reliable solution for their wiring needs. We offer lead-free, RoHS-compatible, and UL-compliant wiring solutions. Our technical team will work closely with our customers to create a manufacturable custom wire harness assembly that meets their requirements.

Cable harnesses are wire assemblies that are used in automobiles and construction machinery. They offer several advantages over loose wires and cables, including; improved organization, protection from damage, and easier installation.

Improved organization and cable management can save time and money during the installation process. They can help to improve manufacturing efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and simplify installation.

Electrical Assemblies

We manufacture customer make-to-print custom electrical assemblies to cater to our customer’s needs. Our electrical assemblies are used in various automotive, medical, and aerospace industries. Our highly skilled assemblers are experienced in electrical assembly and can provide testing and quality assurance services.

Our electrical assemblies are composed of various electrical components, including switches, connectors, antennas, and sensors, combined with machined parts, including brackets and housings. We can manufacture complex electrical assemblies that require precise tolerances and intricate designs.


We offer potting services to protect electronic assemblies from harsh environments. Potting fills a void or enclosure with a protective coating, usually epoxy or silicone. This helps to keep moisture and debris away from sensitive electrical components and prevents corrosion.

Injection Molding

We specialize in custom injection molding services. Our injection molded parts are used in various automotive, consumer, medical, and aerospace industries. We are able to produce injection-molded parts with complex geometries and tight tolerances. Our experienced operators provide quality assurance services to ensure that the components meet our customer’s exact specifications.

Wire Cut, Strip, & Pin

We provide wire cut, strip, and pin services for our customer’s wiring needs. We use high-precision wire-cutting machines to accurately cut and strip wires. We have the ability and knowledge to attach pins to the ends of the cables in various configurations, depending on our customer’s requirements.

Our assemblers are experienced in wire cut, strip, and pin services and can provide testing and quality assurance services to ensure that the wires meet our customer’s exact specifications.

Design your cable and harness needs with the best in the industry

At Salt Lake & Cable Harness, Inc., we are committed to providing our customers with the best quality cable and harness assemblies. Our experienced team is knowledgeable in all aspects of cable and harness assembly.

We can provide testing and quality assurance services to ensure our assemblies meet our customer’s specifications. Get in touch and request a quote to discuss your cable and harness needs with us.

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