Cable & Wire Harness Assemblies

Cables and wires are a huge part of the manufacturing industry. They are used in many different sectors, such as; telecommunications, military/defense, automotive, medical, general industrial, and aerospace, to name a few.

A good wire harness and cable assembly might serve several significant electrical and electronic wiring functions. Every industry needs trusted cable assembly manufacturers to create custom wire cable assemblies to reduce the space required to install necessary cables and wires.

Salt Lake Cable & Harness is a cable manufacturing & assembly provider specializing in customer make-to-print custom cable assemblies and wire harnesses with over three decades of experience.

We are an ISO 9001 and AS9100C certified facility with a professional and skilled team that knows how to produce quality a custom cable assembly and wire harness assembly to meet every customer’s needs.

What are wire harnesses and cable assemblies?

Wire harnesses and cable assemblies are used in various electronic equipment, including computers, home entertainment systems, and automobiles. They are also highly used in industrial equipment, such as automated and manual machines used in manufacturing or assembly processes.

Wire harnesses and cable assemblies consist of insulated wires that are bundled together, often with a secondary protective covering. These bundles of wires are used to connect electronic components, such as circuit boards or switches. Wire harnesses and cable assemblies can be custom-made for a specific piece of equipment or mass-produced for use in general-purpose electronics.

Benefits of wire harness & cable assembly

Many industries utilize electrical devices, so it’s crucial to maintain the organization of the wires and cables attached to these devices with the help of wire harnesses and cable assemblies.

Wire harness manufacturers like Salt Lake Cable & Harness play a crucial part by providing the different industries with custom customer make-to-print wire and cable harness assemblies that can be used to save time and provide better organization.

Wire and cable harness assemblies offer many other benefits, such as:

  • Reduced cable installation costs: You can also use this method to save on the installation costs of cables, as it can be done more efficiently with the help of cable harnesses and assemblies.
  • Improved system performance & reliability: When you use cable assemblies and wire harnesses, it can help improve the system’s performance and reliability. It can provide better protection to the wires against external factors, like harsh environments.
  • Weight & space savings: Cable harnesses and assemblies can also help save on weight and space as it helps to keep the cables more organized.
  • Improved safety: Instead of jumbled-up cables in one stack, they are protected with different wiring arrangements. Open wires are a risk factor. Inspection becomes easier when you use wire and cable harness assemblies.

Difference between a cable assembly & wire harness

While cable assemblies and wire harnesses are interchangeably used, there is a difference between the two. These differences are:

Overmolded Cable

  • Environment: Cable assemblies and wire harnesses are used in different environments. For instance, cable assemblies are primarily used to guard all cables against extreme conditions, so they are ideal for outdoor use. On the other hand, wire harnesses are used to organize wires and provide minimal protection.
  • Cost: Wire harnesses are low-cost electrical solutions, while cable assemblies are more expensive due to the added protection they offer.
  • Purpose: The primary purpose of wire harnesses is to Organize individual wires into a single assembly to efficiently transmit power and electrical signals.


Meanwhile, cable assemblies offer the same purpose as wiring harnesses. But in addition, they can protect the cable or wiring from wear and tear and other environmental conditions.

Quality cable & wire harness manufacturing from Salt Lake Cable & Harness

We are your trusted cable and wire harness manufacturer, fully committed to delivering high-quality products to our customers. By monitoring every step closely throughout the production process we ensure that the cable assemblies and wire harnesses are built to your specification.

Our Quality Control team inspects every assembly to ensure customer specifications have been met. In addition, we can provide documentation as objective evidence that the assemblies meet the requirements.

Our commitment to quality includes the following:

  • A dedicated Quality Assurance team with a Director of Quality
  • All quality inspection teams are IPC certified
  • Retaining RoHS, AS9100, and ISO 90001 certification
  • Annual audits performed by independent registering bodies and customers.

An excellent & straightforward process for Wire Harness & Cable Assembly projects

Salt Lake Cable & Harness has extensive experience helping customers bring their vision, concepts, and designs to life. The process that we follow for all cable assembly and wire harness projects includes the following:

  • Customers providing us with a product design or drawing.
  • Review of the product concept for component compatibility and manufacturability.
  • Feedback provided to the customers for potential design improvements.
  • Prototype / First Article builds and Production builds.

Our production capacities range from prototype builds to full-scale, high-volume production quantities. In general, our projects range from single piece builds to 10,000+ order quantities.

Why choose Salt Lake Cable & Harness?

For over 35 years, Salt Lake Cable & Harness has provided excellent products and services to our clients and customers. Working with us means you can experience a plethora of benefits, which include:

  1. Extensive engineering knowledge: Our team is comprised of the best and most highly educated engineers and technicians.
  2. Superior products & service quality: We work with your team from begining to end of the project to ensure that all your needs are met. With our quality service, we have consistently created products that meet or exceedthe highest quality standards in the industry.
  3. Quick turnaround: We offer fast delivery of prototypes.

Working with us means you only get the best services. At the same time, you receive results that will exceed your expectations.

Experts in cable & wire harness assembly applications

Cable assemblies and wire harnesses are our specialties.  We will do our best to bring you exceptional results. Our products are some of the best in the industry.  You can count on us to deliver products you can trust.

Salt Lake Cable & Harness works with customers closely, and we will answer all questions you might need regarding your orders. Additionally, we will work with you to make changes to your design while providing you the quality product you envisioned.

If you need more help understanding our process, please contact us now. We will be happy to explain how our process works.

Industries Served

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